“Because spiritual advancement works better and easier when you are allied with a group of loving, like-minded souls, I am advocating the establishment of Mary Evenings. These are to be evenings of peace, joy and quiet learning among friends. They will be safe havens where individuals may learn new spiritual principles in a non-judgmental atmosphere of Love. Whenever two or more are gathered at a Mary Evening, I will be there with you.

“I will provide a curriculum for your study. These evenings will not be concerned with religious beliefs, but with spiritual Truths that you will help you in your continued growth as Children of God. My Mary Evenings will be administered through my Mary Foundation. Referring to them as Mary Mornings or Mary Afternoons is also acceptable, but I would like to
generally refer to these gatherings as Mary Evenings. You may contact my Mary Foundation for information as to how you can form one of my groups.”


“I ask you to create an oasis of beauty, an outstanding place of healing and Light where individuals may gather to feel and enjoy my Grace and presence. My Mary Garden will be a place of joy where depression and sadness is dispelled and dissolved. It will be a place where happiness wells up in the heart. I would like the first Mary Garden to be built at the location of my foundation. And then I would like other locations to be built, through my foundation, in major cities around the world. Try to support my request in your country so that you can avail yourself of a Mary Garden nearby.

“In my Mary Gardens I want the level of aesthetics and harmony to be extremely high. I would like my Mary Gardens to overflow with gorgeous flowers, light and a high level of beauty that will reflect and bring forth the natural joy and happiness in your heart. The purpose of this is to raise your vibrational level to higher and higher levels, so that you will be able
to experience greater levels of joy while on earth.

“At my Mary Gardens I want my children to experience levels of happiness and joyfulness that are seldom experienced on the earthly plane. In Northern climates I would like to see my Mary Gardens enclosed with glass so they will blossom year-round. You can help my Mary Gardens to grow through your support. I urge you to start cooperating with this project soon. I will be there to help with this development each step of the way.”



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