My Children, I am sending these words to all of you on earth with great purpose.

"I want to become part of the fabric of your world siciety as a contemporary Blessed Mother of today. I want to have an active voice in today's world. I want my words to be published an read. I want my work to be available to people across the world in many languages.

"It is important to listen to me, because my presence is needed in your world today. There is much hurt in the world, many problems, much loneliness and depression. Many of my Children feel lost. My help is needed now, and I have a major role to play in the healing process of the world. Many of my Children are advancing toward Grace, but very slowly. Sometimes, there is more regression than progress. That is why I am here to help....

"Read my message and absorb it. This book is the beginning of my new communication with you. Try to live some of these ideas, even if they are a stretch for you. I am with you now and always in Peace, in Truth, in Grace and Love. Reach out to me."

-- Mary



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