Mary does not charge for her healings. They are available 24 hours a day, non-stop. All you have to do it pray to her fervently, with strong intent and maintain that intention. There is no cost for her service. She is our Divine Mother and her assistance is given to us through grace.  Use Mary for your intentions, and do it often!

It has been proven scientifically that PRAYER DOES WORK and speeds up healing, or any request, even if the person being prayed for does not know it. It has also been proven that there is a great difference between a short, sweet 5 minute prayer... and a deeply concentrated one-hour prayer.

Mary wants you to feel as close and comfortable with her as is possible for you. She wants you to share your worries, your joys, your problems, your successes.  Mary wants you to be intimate with her, on a daily, even on a minute-to-minute basis, if you wish. Make your prayers with her close, trusting, and be as child-like as you wish with her. Mary is your friend for all times and all seasons, and she wants us to remind you of this.  Trust in her always, like the closest, dearest friend. Like your Heavenly Mother.

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