You will see more and more of me in the days and years ahead. You will need my presence for the growth that lies ahead in Love. You will find the coming times to be a very exciting adventure. I will be with you. Stay close to me. Make my work available in foreign translations for my Children through the world. Read my books again and again, even if they seem to be simple to you. Think about them. Talk about them.

Remember that the only thing that remains of the past is the Love that was expressed: the Love between parents and Children, between husbands and wives, between lovers, between families and friends. That Love is all that remains of the past. All else is gone. Honor the Love. The Love is what He is, what You Are.

The memory of my peace and happiness is to stay with you. I hold you in my Love. I protect you in my Grace. Remember to choose Love a hundred times a day.

I am intimate with the Holy Spirit, with Jesus Christ, and with God the Father in order to inter-coordinate my Loving connectedness around the Globe. My mission leads me to be available to infinite numbers of souls across the earth. On the plane from which I communicate, I am privileged to be in touch with billions of my Children.

In order to communicate with all of you clearly, I have decided to communicate with you through this book, as well as other books in this series in the future. I will write again through this same channel because I have more to share. This way of translating my word clearly, openly and simply for all to appreciate is very much in tune with my wishes.

Each time you do, I am there with you!

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