We receive hundreds of letters from all around the world from people who are touched and inspired by Mary’s Message of Love. While there is not room to post them all, here are a couple of recent letters that are typical of the many wonderful letters we receive:

Dear Allan,

I accidentally stumbled onto your website when I first ordered this wonderful book. I usually buy all my literature at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com, but I noticed neither carry this one.

A few months ago, I ordered seven more from you, and gave them to people I know. I have just ordered seven more today. I would order millions if I could. Your book should be in the possession of every soul on earth.

May I here humbly suggest that you market Mary's Message through Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. They have a world wide market. It really belongs (and blessed is the day) when your book gets on the New York Times best seller list, in the number one spot, and gets discussed on every television talk show.

I think Mother Mary would like that very much.......

Thank you for your attention.
Myrna Blanc

Dear Allan Schulte & The Mary Foundation:

I am in the process of reading Mary's Message of Love. What an amazing book! Our Mother Mary charged into my life 4 years ago when I began saying a healing prayer for my sister-in-law who was suffering from cancer. She had breast cancer which had metasticized (sp.) to her stomach. She had also lost her sense of taste and 75% of her hearing in her left ear. It was the first time I'd prayed to Mary in my life and it came about by way of a healing prayer I'd come across on the internet. From the point I started to stay that prayer, Mary sent me many many signs and messages. To make a very long story short, Mary saw fit to lead me and my sister in law to Llourdes, France (she even sent me the money to go and a babysitter, not to mention the passport I'd had trouble getting processed - for that she saw fit to have a congressman in my state sign off on that one! - another truly amazing story!) My sister in law was healed of the cancer that riddled her body and I received a surprise healing from epilepsy that I'd suffered from for almost 30 years. For my healing, the Holy Spirit seeked the top medical neurologist in my home state of TN along with miraculous energy which I'd felt on my head the first night I prayed for the healing. I'd received additional energy on my head when I emerged from the baths at Lourdes. This perfect healing was confirmed by later medical tests which showed amazing brain functionality and an increase in my IQ of 9 points! I continue to pray for others and my prayers seem to have great presence. They are often answered with amazing results.

Mary continues to send me messages and touches my heart in very real ways. Last weekend I was invited to a friend's home. They were having a traveling Fatima statue at their home and told me we would be saying the rosary. I've always felt a bit guilty because I've received much contact from Mary and never have disciplined myself to say the rosary. While saying the rosary with my eyes closed at my friend's house, (I always pray with my eyes closed), light began to dance in the darkness and then began to take on shapes which swirled before my eyes. My eyelids began to flicker uncontrollably and the light took shape to reveal the image of the Fatima statue in my mind. Then the light broke apart and began to swirl again. Once again it formed another image of Mary. This continued to happen over and over again. There was a young Mary, there were full body views of Mary, a frontal view of Mary, Mary praying, Mary's face so close that it felt like her eyes were touching mine in one of the images. Simply amazing! I have a journal of occurrences that I've experienced in the last four years. Perhaps one day it will become a published book about Mary. If it is her will or the will of her son, it will be done.

In visiting your website, the information about Mary Evenings peeked my interest. I tell so many about how powerful Mary is and urge them to pray through her intercession. Can you send further information on the Mary Evenings?? Also, please send me any additional information you feel might be helpful in my spiritual journey.

I am grateful to the Mary foundation for the wonderful work you do. Regards,
Lynn Monaghan


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