Preface - A Few Words on the Background of this Book, by Allan Arthur Schulte

Introduction - Marcia's Comments on the Writing of this Book by Marcia Wright Schulte, Allan’s Wife

Part One

Mary's Personal Preface
The opening of your heart
About my new mission
Children of God, stop fearing your Father
I am the Blessed Mother, the Mother of Jesus
Mother of Grace
Being friends
The new millennium
Progress here on earth

Part Two

Living a life of love
Live a life of outreach
The world of today: abundance and scarcity
The evolution of your life
Decisions based on fear
Decisions based on Love
The Gift of Innocence
Everyday miracles

Part Three

Taking the time to pray
The Rosary
My Catholic Church
Inspired writings
Women as priests in the Catholic Church
Learning to live Love
Working with the ego
How to work with the Holy Spirit
Praying with an open heart
The power of intent
Everyone is here to serve and give

Part Four

Nurturing and the garden of the heart
About mothering today
The mother-nurturer
Children and depression
Working mothers
Raising Children in a secular world
Spiritual education for Children
When innocent youths die
Guns and Children
Children lost on drugs
The suffering of mothers and Children
Injustice toward man

Part Five

Sickness and disease
Long drawn out illnesses
Miraculous cures and chronic illness
Life-threatening illnesses
About death and dying
Returning as a whole
The “Undoing” process
About hell
There is nothing to fear
You are not a victim of the world
Choosing love vs. choosing fear
Happiness and depression
Ease and struggle
Praying on the journey
Death and the afterlife
Staying safe in today's world
Jesus and the right emphasis
Free will for heaven

Part Six

On sex and sexuality
Sharing love through the cosmos
Life moves fast in today's world
People who upset you
Lasting marriages
About divorce
What God has put together

Part Seven

Money and support in life
Earning a livelihood
Success as a be-all in your culture
Never try to change a brother
The economically and socially disadvantaged
Getting stuck in life

Part Eight

Keeping the world safe from disasters
Being a victim and choosing to be free

Part Nine

Why struggle through life?
Some of God's Principles
You are safe

Part Ten

Do not be resigned and humble
Waking up from dreams of littleness
Be a big person -- be generous and giving
Beware of littleness
Love and fear
Spiritual disciplines

Part Eleven

Living your life with spiritual intelligence
The 15 points

Part Twelve

Continuing my Mary Mission
Loving my book
Mary Evenings
Mary Gardens
Supporting my projects
In Closing: Helping with my mission on earth



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