About Mary's Message of Love

Mary’s Message of Love is a communication from Mary, the Blessed Mother, to her Children all over the world.

The unusual aspect of her message is that Mary talks about some of today’s practical issues including Children and Motherhood, Marriage and Sex, Divorce, Abortion, Women as Priests, Health and Sickness, Addiction and Drugs, Hell and Heaven.

Mary talks about contemporary life with openness, Truthfulness and conviction. This is the voice of a powerful woman – a woman of great compassion and understanding. Mary brings with her a conviction to stand for Love in every instance.

Mary’s gentle, loving spiritual nature states in this book that there are no immediate dangers that she foresees for the world. This is a comforting message -- one of gentle nurturing of Mary for her Children – with advice on how to live a life of Love in today’s world.

In this book, Many assures us of the love and balance in the universe. She speaks of Heaven as being attainable on earth. Most important, Mary addresses the Undoing, which means the Undoing of the world’s effect on us so that we can become the perfect, innocent, Children of God that we are by our very nature.

Mary comes across in this message as a very strong, assured woman of today, a Mother-Nurturer of great warmth and strength. She reassures us that in spite of what the world keeps telling us… that really -- Love does conquer all -- and that the world is making progress in this direction. Here is a short selection of Mary’s Words of Love from the book:


“I am Mary, the Blessed Mother. Some of my Children call me the Blessed Virgin. I am the mother of Jesus Christ. I am the same Mary that you may remember: at Banneux, Lourdes, Guadeloupe, La Salette, Fatima, or Mejugorge. Wherever I appeared it was always my same soul presence of Mary. You might have seen me at different times in different forms, but I am eternally the same soul.

“Because I am the mother of Jesus Christ, and because we are all one in Christ, I am your Mother too. I am much more than an historical figure that lived in a particular country at a particular time. I am a figurehead of Woman, of Motherhood, of Nurturing.

“But I am not a goddess and I do not wish to be seen as a goddess, nor thought of that way. I am not about primitive energy. I am about refined, disciplined energy. I am an evolved teacher, a mediatrix of great responsibility. And I am, like you, a perfect Child of God. Also, I am -- like you -- perfectly loving. Like the Christ, and like you, I am Love. I am part of the God-energy, as are you.

“Because you and I are both Children of God, each of us has a responsibility to each other. Each of us is called to be a nurturer of our brothers and sisters. Each of us in time is called to be a teacher. We are all going back to the Father together. So it is our joint mission to share Love and Light with each of our brothers. We will all be deprived of the ultimate Joy of Heaven until each last soul has chosen the Light. That is why I am here to help hasten this process.

“The message my Son came down to share 2000 years ago was simple and clear. Love one another as your Father has loved you. We are all One. Each Soul is part of a beautiful Whole. And together, we are the catalysts who will bring this to fruition.


“I am honored by all the titles you, my Children, have given me over the centuries. Mary was my name. Virgin referred to me in my human life as a more temporal term. Blessed is an endearing word of honor that I thank you for applying to me. Blessed Virgin Mary. But that is an inappropriate, old title for me. It is the old way that many people saw me for centuries. You may still use that name, and see me with a halo and down turned eyes. That is how many artists depicted me. It was as if my major mission was to be holy. But that is such a limited view of me.

“I need to be seen in a new way in this new era. I am not a person of down turned eyes, waiting to be praised for my holiness. I am a woman who would rather look directly into your eyes, with Love.

“So I would like you to think of me as MARY, MOTHER of GRACE. That title comes the closest to embodying who and what I am. Mothering, nurturing, Loving, is what my mission is. And Grace is what I bring as part of my Light. So, Mary, Mother of Grace or Our Mother of Grace is a title that I truly love. It means so much to me in terms of how I can relate to each of you -- and to your Children -- in this life. It is how I want you to think of me. And I am here to share with you how your life can become a beautiful, simple miracle.


“You ask how you can be close with me and be my friend? You can read this book. You can think about it. You can talk about it. You can talk about me. You can treat me as a loving friend. You can pray intimately with me whenever you want. You can appreciate my quiet presence with you. That is how we can build our friendship.

“Best of all, you can show love to all the Children of God. That means everyone! You can demonstrate love in your life. You can play. You can laugh. You can be happy. All those things honor me.

“Remember that I am not a medieval nor an ancient Virgin Mother. I am as alive today as you are. I live in the moment, just as I encourage you to live in the moment. That is the only place you will find life. You will never find the real me in the past, for I no longer dwell there. My true energies are always with you in the present moment.


“Has there been any other church where I have been more closely embraced and honored over the centuries than the Catholic Church? I think not. The Catholic Church has kept the memory of me alive in the hearts of the people over the centuries through the devotions…. the Rosary…. the cathedrals built in my honor… the universities and schools named after me…. Catholics have kept me alive in the world and in their hearts and I am honored. Would not any mother be honored by the loyalty and Love these Children have shown me? I am. While I am not owned by the Catholic Church. I am grateful for their support and I surround the entity of their Catholic Church with Love and Light as I have for centuries and millenniums – since their inception. But I am a Mother to all of mankind. I am a universal mother. And so I have no single Church to which I belong. I am beyond Churches. I embrace all Churches that operate with Love as their foundation.


“I still have a very strong tie with souls through the Rosary. No, there are not as many people praying it today as in times past. People who pray the Rosary often have very humble, open hearts -- hearts like Children. The repetitive prayers of the Rosary make it like a meditative prayer -- which can be very relaxing. It takes time to say the Rosary.

“There are so many people with a deep, abiding Love who pray the Rosary all the time. It takes a disciplined mind to do the Rosary well. But it is a lovely and very beautiful prayer. Remember the prayer is not so much for God, or for me, as it is for the person DOING the praying.

“The Rosary is simple. It is comforting. It affirms some of the greatest Truths of your spiritual existence here on earth. Say it very slowly. Let the meaning sink in.

“I encourage you to live the Rosary and say it often. It has deep meaning for all of us as a united family in the Father and in Christ, my son. I pray that you will use it -- often.

“With regard to Rosaries, I would prefer that they no longer be made with the symbol of the dying Jesus Christ on the cross at the apex . I would much prefer to see a symbol of the resurrected Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. That is who he really was, the Prince of Peace. The dying Christ on the cross is not a good symbol for life or Love. It dwells on the wrong part of my Son’s life. Try to picture Jesus Christ as a man of strength, clarity, conviction -- a great teacher -- and a truly Noble Son of God. That was My Son, Jesus Christ. That is how He should be remembered.


“For you, it probably seems like much time has elapsed since my lifetime on earth with Jesus. Let me assure you that on the plane where I am, 2000 years is not such a long time. And I have been busy with many nurturing responsibilities.

“But a new era is upon us, and this new millennium that is opening up before us is going to be a great time, symbolically. It will be a time for Love and for outreach. I am just beginning to come into my more serious responsibilities on your planet.

“I know that many of you are discouraged because of the violent world you see around you. Let me remind you that what you focus on becomes your reality. If you look for violence, you will see violence. And if you look for Love, you will see Love. These are decisions of the heart, and you are barely aware of the great power you have in you to create -- to create a world of Love, rather than fear.

“In the new millennium, especially as we get into its spirit after the first ten to twenty years, you will see a great change coming over the earth. As your Spiritual Mother, my energies will grow stronger and begin to be noticed more and more. Both men and women will experience the gentler, loving energies of their nature. There will be great Peace; Love will prevail over the earth. I am here to start directing that flow of energy. Those souls who are of a more warring or violent nature will find it uncomfortable to live out their darkness surrounded by people of Light. They will choose to leave our loving earth and to return only when they are ready to learn to love.

“Your responsibility, as we move into this new era, will be to create a loving atmosphere where my Son's teachings will flourish. His Truths will not pass away. They are coming to pass in all their beauty and grandeur.

“What you call the New Testament is now about to be lived. The dragons of greed, war and lust are growing old and tired. Your responsibility is to turn your attention away from whatever still exists of the era of fear. Do not give it attention. Do not focus on it and it will dissolve into nothingness. Ignore television programs and films that focus on the ugly and the dark side of people. Do not fight them. Choose instead to focus on beauty and strength.

“Nurture your Children to be interested in Beauty and Truth. The Children now being born have great leadership abilities and are here to help us move into the Light millennium. Help them to keep their innocence. Discipline the extent of television and electronic illusions they are exposed to. Try to keep them in our real world of Love instead of in an artificial, illusory world.

“Television is creating an emptiness, a passivity, a loneliness in the souls of many of my Children across the world. Television is but an illusion of a life experience. While it has the advantage of sharing knowledge and laughter, it is not a substitute for human interaction. I feel sadness in my heart about this. Television is the great separator and illusion-maker of your era. It also eats up your time. It can become an excuse for life, and so I ask you to limit its use in your lives. Get out -- shake hands -- smile -- hug one another! Live life to its fullest. Do not be afraid to open up your hearts to one another. Drop the fears that keep you separated. In this you will be opening yourself to a fuller life, a real life. And you will feel the joy.

“Most of all you will begin to dissolve the depression that is so pervasive in today's world. To live only in a world of illusion is a very depressing way to spend a lifetime. Go to your churches, your associations, places where you can contribute with your brothers and sisters to make a difference in this world.


“Look at the world around you. Do you see a world of brokenness and violence, of suffering and hardship? Or do you see a world of progress and people helping people? I prefer to see the latter. You may choose to see either one. For what you see is a mirror of your own inner heart. I prefer that you begin to see the progress of the world, people helping people. But if you feel you are a “realist” and cannot yet choose to see life that way, I am here to help you to see life anew.

“If your faith says that the world is falling to pieces, then it is -- for you. But if you see the world as progressing and full of Love, then it is -- for you.

“I see a world of tremendous progress! Do you realize how far you humans have come in the last few generations? I see so much progress in people helping people: care for the elderly, health care, childcare, and care for the handicapped. Several generations ago these problems of aging, handicapped limitation and child development did not receive the acknowledgment and support they do today.

“You live in a world of people helping people. There has been much progress! There is much genuine Love and care going on in the world today. But in spite of this progress, many individuals still feel depressed, angry, lonely, vaguely sad -- even hopeless, and most of them do not know why. I am here to help their anxiety.


“A life of Love is a life of experience. It is a life of making the right choices. It is a life of choosing Love, choosing happiness. So many people think that the important thing is to be right. It is not. The important thing is to be happy! Being right and being happy are often diametrically opposed. Being happy means being flexible, not rigid.

“Being “right” all the time is tiring, serious, and a thankless thought process. As I mentioned before, we got into the earth predicament originally by taking ourselves too seriously. I would like my Children to stop trying to be “right” about everything. There is too much seriousness on your planet.

“To be “right” is often to be righteous and rigid. This is not the way to happiness. Nor is it the way to live a life of Love. Try to evaluate your old decision to be right. The important thing is this: Are all your decisions made with Love?

“Those of my Children who play the “serious” game are often doing it because of fear. The fear stems from that idea of punishment. If the earth is a place where God’s Children came to hide from Him (and there is a certain Truth to this), there is still a great fear of punishment still alive in the world. But this is not where the evolution of your life should be going. Being “right” and “serious” is where we were in the past. Today’s lesson is not about covering for yourself by being right about everything.

“Try to reevaluate this old decision to be right. No one cares -- least of all God or Jesus or myself -- whether you are “right” or not. This is the important thing: Are all your decisions made with Love? Is there Love in your heart? I would like to see you give yourselves and each other the gift of happiness. This requires a disciplined, new way of thinking.

“A life of Love and happiness is a life of wonderment and gratitude for all the incredible opportunities that surround you. In each day there are an infinite number of opportunities for giving, for outreach. This is the point of life.

“Yet what do so many people do? They build walls of separation so they will not have to give. They are afraid of giving because they are afraid of exposing themselves, because they are afraid of rejection, because they invent reasons why they are in danger. Perhaps they funnel themselves into a little world and adopt a little routine. They interact with a little circle of people. Perhaps they take on a little sickness and nurture it into a major illness. In their leisure time they eat, sleep, watch TV, and stay locked up. But is this life?

“As your Mother, I must ask all of you... open yourselves to the new experiences of life. If life does not readily present these experiences for you -- create them for yourselves!


“You have a precious opportunity, being here on earth. Open your doors. Go out. Meet people. Go to your churches. Have fellowship. Look other people in the eye. Laugh. Cry. Smile. Wake up. Have feelings. Have new experiences. I urge you to come alive for your own sake. Too many of my Children are wasting their precious lives in a dim, gray state.

“In addition to happiness… another important ingredient to a life of love is Joy. Joy of living. Joy of Love. This is what was so great about my Son Jesus. He had this tremendous Joy. People followed Him around because of his Joy. They didn't know what it was. But it was a passion for living, for being with others, for giving, for extension. Joy comes from gratitude. Joy comes from thankfulness for who you are. Joy comes from knowing Who Your Heavenly Father Is, Who Your Brother is (My Son), and Who Your Family Is (Everyone!)

“When you live a life of Love you will live in Joy. You will live in the Present Moment. You will have dropped the past. You will not be worried about the future. You will realize that the only moment you truly have is this present moment. And in it, you will rejoice! You will be able to celebrate life.

THE WORLD OF TODAY: Abundance and Starvation

“Today's world is a very trying, unnerving experience for many people. Many souls take today's world very seriously, and to those souls the world can be a very insane place --because it is based on fear. People are afraid of their safety, afraid of their health, afraid they won't have enough.... It is an insane way to see the world, and it is not based on Love.

“The world is such a strange environment. Never has there been more material abundance.... Such silliness in food, cars, clothes and toys for both children and adults! There is great excess in your world.

“And still there are so many hungry children and financially hurting adults living in debt. I am saddened by the limitation and tightness in which so many of you find yourselves. Many of you do not see the inequities. We need compassion for the underdog. There are always opportunities for the strong to help the weak.

“There is no lack in the world. There is more food produced than could ever be used. But it is not spread around and shared. Politics and greed keeps food from the mouths of hungry Children of God. It is a travesty that ANY Child should go hungry in such an abundant world. So much is produced, but much of it never reaches the hands of my little and big Children. Many still go to bed hungry in this modern age and that is a travesty. This is because of the insanity of the world and its selfish values. My Children should first concern themselves that everyone is fed and cared for. That is supportive of the human dignity each soul deserves.

“You live in a world where there is everything, and yet there is nothing. Do not live in the illusions of your world. Return to the values of Love and the Heart. Return to your churches. Return to your families. Return to your friends. Heal the separation, and you can create your own heaven on earth. This is the only way back to your Father. Decisions of the Heart. Decisions of Love. Decisions of Union and Oneness. With decisions of Love, prejudice will dissolve, and the Holy Spirit will quietly, surely help bring you to the forgiveness in your heart that makes us one family again. And so will I.

“Never forget that the Holy Spirit is working in each of you, every moment, to give you the next lesson, the next chance to decide for Love. He is the Answer that the Father has sent to heal your brokenness. Feel His Presence in your soul. It is closer than breathing.

“I, too, will help you. I will show you how to do this, how to move from separation to joy, gradually in the next few years. Stay with me and I will help Light your path for you.

“You are so blessed. You are so loved. It is not your destiny to suffer. The Holy Spirit is with you to bring you to a place of comfort, joy and peace. He will bring you there through Love. He is so gentle, so very patient. I am here to help Him accomplish this mission of Love.


“As I mentioned earlier, I am here to help you effect an opening of the Heart.

“I also said that I was here to help you with the evolution of your life. By this I mean an opening of Soul to its own authenticity.

“Here are some important concepts that I want you to be aware of as you move through your life:

“First, Our Heavenly Father made each soul in His likeness, but each of you reflects a different part of Him, an individual perfect part of God, so each of you is special. I am not referring to certain people as special, but to everyone as special. This is an important concept for you to grasp, because it will help reduce prejudice and judgment.

“Much of the fluff of the world is about being special. Homes. Cars. Clothes. Money. Even sickness is often about being special. Specialness is a trap. It is based on the belief that some people are more special than others. People affix value to being more special than others. But this is false specialness.

>“Authentic specialness is seeing yourself as the perfect, integrated being that you are, that God made you. Authentic specialness means that you can see God in every one at any time. This is also known as seeing the Christ in others.

“Getting to see yourself as authentically special means that you value yourself for the right reasons, and this gives you integrity. You feel good about yourself for the right reasons, and time cannot take your integrity away from you.

“Second, I want to help you see that whatever happens in your life has usually been the perfect occurrence, the perfect lesson for that point in time. Regardless of what occurred in your life, it was always the perfect vehicle to get you to your next level of experience. These happenings are arranged by you and your inner teacher, the Holy Spirit. You are never forced to choose a lesson that is against your will. You are never forced to choose a lesson you do not want. Anything that happens to you is subconsciously agreed upon, even if it seems inconvenient, inopportune or painful.

“As you begin to get used to this perception, then as you look at yourself, your loved ones or other people, you will begin to be able to see how things that happened in life were often the perfect experience for you to evolve.

“Most importantly, you will see yourself and others as perfect, just the way you are. Even with all your little or big human imperfections, underneath you are always a perfect Child of God. You never lose your innocence. You may think you have. But because you are created by God in his image, you can never be less than perfect. Ugliness or failure or loss is just a surface illusion.

“Third, the old idea of suffering as a way of evolvement is not enlightened thinking. It is time to let go of the idea that suffering or martyrdom is noble. It is simply suffering, or martyrdom. And at that, it is not a very good choice. Learning through pain and suffering is an old, tired way of learning your lessons of Love. Some people cannot learn by any other method because they choose to learn through suffering. But this is not being loving to yourself.

“Start to learn by Love, not through pain. You do have the choice.

“Fourth, you are not a victim. God is not playing you like a puppet. You are creating your own life. And you are responsible for creating your own life. This may be hard for you to grasp because it involves being responsible for everything you do with your life. Not everyone likes that much responsibility, but it is the Truth. And in your evolvement, you will eventually have to face it. The sooner you face it, the more powerful you will become.

“Fifth, when you grasp the fact that you have free will, that you are Love, that no one is holding you back, everything becomes possible. Then, life is just a matter of deciding what you want to accomplish. At this point, the boxes of your thinking begin to dissolve. You begin to see that all is Love. That God is about expansiveness, and so are you. And that there is nothing to be afraid of. That is a big step.

“At this point, you achieve Heaven on Earth! And I am here to show you how each of you can live a life of Heaven, right here on earth.

“When you become inspired to see your own perfection, your own value, you begin to see your own possibilities for greatness. You were not created by God to live a small or meaningless life. You were each meant to be expansive and happy. Each of you has a meaningful and happy destiny.


“Where YOU are on earth is a choosing ground. You are on earth to make an important choice many times each day -- Love or Fear.

“You have Free Will, so you may make whatever decision you choose. But if you choose fear, the same lesson will keep repeating until you get the answer right. It is very boring to be stuck in life with the same problems repeating again and again. When you are tired of the repetition, remember: The answer is always Love. And apparently you have not made the right decision for Love, and so the problem keeps repeating.

“When you choose fear, you choose limitation; you choose separation. You choose sickness and suffering. And ultimately you choose death. The world is very complex and structured around fear, so it takes considerable courage and discipline to rise above fear. This is a discipline process and I am here to help you rise above the old, fearful ways of thinking.

“You have made many decisions based on fear in the past. The world teaches the fear system of thought. Fear can be a great motivator. But it is in opposition to your Father -- who is Love.

“You are here on earth to learn to join with your Father. Since you left Him, paradoxically speaking, in the Garden, you have had a long path. And many of your decisions since that time were based on fear. Fear of having done the wrong thing. Fear that you offended your Father. Fear of scarcity. Fear of sickness. And fear of death.

“As you have evolved from primitive to civilized souls, more and more of your decisions have been based on Love. Slowly, systematically you have begun to choose Love, to teach Love, for Love is what you are.

“When I talk about Love, I am talking about the outward stroke. Let us call it the outward stroke because it means reaching out, joining. It is the creative stroke. Helping. Serving. Joining with God.

“The inward stroke is just the opposite. Let us think of it as the selfish stroke. Inward. For self alone. Scarcity. Protection. Walling off. This was the stroke of primitive man, of isolationism, of war, of everything that has plagued man since the figurative separation in the Garden of Eden.

“Of course, man never really separated from God. He cannot because God is all Love and total joining. But man chose fear and created a separating dream. And that separating dream is what earth is all about.

“My purpose in this communication as your caring, nurturing Mother of Grace, is to let you know that the outward stroke includes me. When you make a decision based on Love, you are joining with me and with your Father and my Son. In addition, the Holy Spirit is always with you whether you are aware of it or not. And so are all the angels and souls of the firmament.

“And when you choose the outward stroke there is an added benefit. You choose Grace and Grace is a superb gift. Grace is like a mantel of ease that surrounds you. It is a total gift that keeps you safe, that keeps you free, yet protected. Too few of my Children are aware of the presence of Grace in their lives and how it helps them. I am here to point out the difference between Grace and suffering.

“Not to be repetitious, but I will repeat it once again: you may choose to learn in either of two ways:
1. Through suffering
2. Through Grace

“Suffering is totally unnecessary. You may not have known it, but as your Spiritual Mother, I am telling you that now. You may forget suffering. You may forget pain. You may choose to learn your life lessons through Grace. Your life will be vastly simpler, more beautiful, and more filled with Love; this is as it should be. When you live by Grace it nurtures a part of you called Innocence. This is part of your true heritage.

“When you pass away, it is not necessary to die with an illness or an accident. You can gracefully die in your bed, or in a chair, quietly and peacefully. That is a more Graceful choice.


“You live in a world dominated by a kind of "mass hypnosis." There is a "right" way of seeing things and a "wrong" way. The approved, “normal” way is the way that most people think. As an example, there may be a virus going around. People fear the virus. They believe that if someone with the virus sneezes on them they will have a very good chance of catching it. They do not want the virus, so they keep thinking about it, fearing it, and of course they attract the virus and get the very thing they least wanted. How did this happen? The Law of Attraction: Whatever you focus on expands. This is a creative act. When you think about viruses, you get more viruses. When you think about fear, you get more fear. This is part of the hypnosis under which you live.

“How could you approach this differently? When you hear there is a virus "going around," you may decide that you do not want it. You decide that you see no value in the process of getting sick. You decide that is not where you are -- it is not the lesson you want.

“Instead, you become clear that you love yourself and, therefore, you decide not to become sick. And thus, you do not attract sickness. Fear never enters you heart. You do not see yourself as the victim of a germ or a sneeze or tiredness or anything. This gives you entirely new strata of decisions on which to base your life. It will give you a freedom from mass hypnosis. It feels good to be free. Enjoy the freedom this will bring. But as I told you, this takes a new, disciplined way of thinking. It means changing your mind about the way you see things. You could call it the Mary way.

“This is what I mean by a decision based on Love. You Love and respect yourself, so why would you inflict sickness on yourself? You begin to choose ways to be nice to yourself. Ways to make yourself happy. This is not selfish. It is honest. When you do this with Love, it brings you more and more happiness. And once you love yourself, you are capable of loving others.

“To free yourself, you need to go through a process of "Undoing" with the Holy Spirit. He will help you, as will I. We will help you achieve a basic simplicity in your heart, a place where a simple prayer has great meaning for you -- a simple meal with a friend, a simple walk. Simple things can be a great joy. When there is gratefulness in your heart, you can look out the window at the start of a new day and feel great joy, realizing "This is a day that was made for Love!" You can decide to make all decisions with Love in your heart."

“And that, my beautiful Children, is where you need to get back to. Many of you are off-center now. You feel lost. Life may have no real "point." You may feel less and less satisfaction. You may say of life -- Is this all there is?

“No, it is not all there is. That is a "jaded" way of seeing life -- when life, as you know it, ceases to have deep, heartfelt meaning.

“I am writing this book to my Children -- for while many of you have the idea already --many others do not. To those of you who do, I want you to keep teaching others what you already know in your heart. Many of you have that centeredness, that simplicity, that innocence of heart that others are yearning for.

“You can teach other people how to get there. That is your calling, your talent in life. Help to show others the shift necessary to live with joy and happiness. Many people want to learn this. Share it.

“You can share through my writings, my videos and tapes. There are many ways. You are an important part of this vision, this "Celestial Speedup," that my Son Jesus has outlined to wake people up from their current "sleep."

“There are several aspects to our initial work together, my Children. The first is this book and my continuing message to you. I am not going to speak to you once on these topics and then disappear from earth for another 50 years. I am going to be a continuing leader of this project and I will not fade from sight. You can depend on my presence and focus. I will also depend on yours.

“I am here to help clear a pathway for all my Children, and to help them achieve purity of heart. My way will be clear and simple, and it will help you to be able to live life based on decisions made by Love, rather than fear.

“While my continuity originally sprang from the Catholic Church because that is the Church my Son founded, remember that I am a Spiritual Mother to the world. I am here for each of you, regardless of your religion. You now live in an ecumenical age where the brotherhood of man is accepted. Separation is dissolving. This is a step closer to heaven. This Spiritual Pathway from your Mother of Grace should be shared with Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Bahamas, Moslems, -- every one of my Children regardless of denomination.

“My new role is not about the time-honored concept of "religion." I am here for the sake of your spirituality. You will see as I communicate with you that my message is not a dictation on what to "believe.” It is neither historical nor political. It is a way to SEE life. It is about living from the heart, living with LOVE.

“Envision me as your spiritual mother, because my mother energy and nurturing is much needed in this world to achieve what my Son Jesus Christ has laid out for us.


“Whatever you think you might have done in the Garden of Eden does not change the fact that each of you is a perfect Child of God. God did not create your soul in error. He created you as a perfect Child of God. That means that perfect innocence is second nature to you. You may not change what God created. Never think of yourself as second class, or as tainted. As a Child of God you are first class. Innocence is the state in which God created you. And innocence is what you still are.

“You are a perfect Child of God learning the perfect lesson for your development. However much you might hate the idea of being perfect - and of learning the perfect lesson -- this is Truth. This is how your Heavenly Father sees you. You are basically perfect and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

“The idea of original sin was simple. The sin was not choosing love. The sin was departing from your Father with fear. The sin was hiding. But you did not hurt your Father through this dream. He is perfect Love. Your Father is Love itself, and to Him, no sin is unforgivable.

“Please begin to let go of any ideas about your taintedness. God made you innocent and pure. No matter how old you grow, no matter how many sicknesses and injuries may have tired you out -- in your soul -- you are innocent and pure and free. You are now, and will always be, a perfect Child of God.

“Knowing that you are innocent at your very core means that you can now begin to work through the layers of guilt that undoubtedly keep you down. It means that you can live without the fear of sickness and death. If you are innocent, what is there to fear? When you come to the point where you realize your innocence, you can begin to see and accept the Grace that surrounds you.

“What I am telling you may seem simplistic, but it is a wonderful message. It is a message of Hope and Love. I want you to be able to reach the point of innocence where you can get silly, happy, funny, joyous and playfull. There is real health there and that is how I want you and all my Children to be. I know you are capable of choosing seriousness -- but can you choose silliness and rejoice in it? My message to you is a message to lighten up, to have fun in life. You can still do this while being responsible. But remember to laugh, and remember how to play.


“Depression is a sickness of the heart. It comes from guilt, from sadness, from emptiness. Sometimes it comes from doing all the right things for the wrong reasons.

“Depression also comes from limited hope. It comes from not seeing yourself as the perfect Child of God that you are. It also comes from a sense of separation... from feeling trapped. It comes from a feeling of “What’s the use?” It can come from not having a point to your life. It can come from being too much of an adult and not enough of a Child.

“Depression is rampant in your society today. And no one need feel ashamed of having the problem. It is easier to admit it and to seek a solution than to be stuck in denial and afraid to admit your feelings of depression. This subject is too important to be taken casually in passing. It needs focused attention. I will be there to help you through this. In the near future I will provide a guided audiotape that you can work on to overcome this limitation. You can use new systems such as bioresonance to help dissolve these old thought processes. But try not to use drugs as an answer. Ask me for my Grace in helping you to cope with depression. I am always here for you.


“My Children, miracles are part of the very fabric of your life. Miracles are a new way of seeing things. Miracles are a way of seeing life through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, and through the eyes of Christ.

“The usual meaning of the word "miracle" is more like a miraculous healing or the changing of wine into water that Jesus Christ did at the marriage feast at Cana. These miracles involve phenomena that change some physical aspect of the universe. This is the old-fashioned way of seeing miracles.

“The new way of seeing miracles is much subtler. You can see miracles around you all the time -- if you are observant.

“The higher your spiritual discipline, the closer you are to the Light... the easier it is to see miracles all around you.

“Miracles are a new way of seeing -- seeing through the eyes of the Holy Spirit or the eyes of Christ. You see the same old things you have always seen – friends, relatives, work, life, yourself – in an entirely new dimension. It is like an enormous AHA! But it usually happens a step at a time.

“Someone who works consistently to be on a higher spiritual plane will see life in an entirely new Light. A life that otherwise seemed drab, boring, unpromising... seen through the eyes of the miracle… breathes an entirely new life!

“There are many aspects to miracles. They are everyone's right. Everyone is special. Everyone is a Child of God. Miracles are for ALL God's Children with no exceptions. Miracles are natural. NOT to see them is unnatural. It is important to know that miracles are everyone's right, but you have to go through a period of purification to regularly see and live them.

“By purification I mean forgiveness of others and self. Letting go of judgment. Undoing the old ways of seeing life – especially the small, limited ways of seeing life and yourself. This is a process taught by A Course in Miracles that my Son Jesus Christ gave to the world over twenty-five years ago. It is not a magic path, but it is a very enlightened path. I am sharing some of His same principles put in a much simpler way. This is what he asked me to do for you.

“A Course in Miracles is very much a spiritual discipline. It is a new way of spiritual thinking. It brings you to a state of spiritual discipline where you become honest with yourself. You have to “call yourself” when you see yourself gravitating back to your old habits of thinking. With it, you begin to see the world through a new set of eyes -- the eyes of Christ.

“A small contingent of souls has used A Course In Miracles. The book is in most bookstores. It is translated into many languages. It is a very thorough course that facilitates the "Undoing" process. I will try to share with you a few more of its principles in this book.

“Most souls don't begin to SEE the world through the eyes of miracles all at once. It is a re-education of all your values. For instance, whenever you are sick, you seldom become healed until you decide deep down within yourself that you are sick and tired of being sick. And so you make a decision for wellness. The decision is made with the Holy Spirit. At that moment, the miracle has occurred. The body might not catch up to the "wellness" for a short period of time, until the cells adjust. But the actual miracle takes place at the time you decided with your Holy Spirit, or Higher Self, to be well -- to join with all Spirit.

“Here is another example of a miracle: You have someone in your life that truly bothers you -- very deeply. When you are in their presence you are fearful and emotional. There might be a deep hurt. When you begin to see that person through the eyes of Love you might see them as a catalyst to your own healing because they bring up something in you that needs healing. You might begin to see them through the eyes of Love, realizing that the Holy Spirit lives in them too, and that they, too, are a Child of God. You might see the Christ in them. You might begin to see them as a sister or brother. You might begin to feel at peace in their presence. This is a miracle in process. Even people who have pushed your emotional “hot buttons” for years – when seen through the eyes of the miracle – can be unthreatening to you. This is because you have healed within and you now attract like energies without. And so you are free, and happier for it.

“In each of these instances, the miracle is happening -- not within the world -- but within yourself. As you begin to see life differently, so will others see you differently, and react to you in an entirely new way. Life is about making miracles.

“Each day is made for miracles. Miracles are part of the very fabric of life. It is your decision about choosing to see life in a new way that brings the miracle to you. It will bring you happiness and Lightness of heart. You will feel joyous and very lucky.

“I would like to offer you the benefit and Grace of seeing me as your helper in this process of learning to live life in miracles. You may call on me, or pray to me – even call me your Mother of Miracles. I will always be there for you. At any moment of the night or day.


“My Children, never believe for a moment that there is no value in prayer. Prayer is a statement. Prayer enriches. Prayer strengthens. Prayer says that you believe in something bigger than yourself. It says that you believe in the inter-connectedness of God and the Sonship.

“Prayer is about your intent. And it can have great power.

“There is no prayer that goes unanswered. Weak prayer may produce weak results. But strong prayers produce strong results. Miracles play an important part in how you LOOK for answers to your prayers. Blessed are those who believe before they see. There is a saying, "You’ll see it when you believe it." There is much Truth in that statement.

“The power and strength of prayer is created by you. The moment you pray and SEE IT SO, it is. It may take some time for the physical manifestation to emerge, but it already IS on the creative, or God level.

“What you cannot see when you pray is the vast interconnectedness of the Sonship working at infinite levels.

“There is no prayer that goes unanswered if you pray with deep sincerity and honesty of heart. Be steadfast in your prayers. And realize that the prayer itself is an important part of the gift.

“Even though your prayers have been answered, there will often be answers that may go unrecognized. You may not recognize the unusualness of the answer that may be right before your very eyes. You may not be ready for the miracle-solution that is staring you in the face.


“Earth is not the end and be-all of your existence. It is an important part of your process of re-enLightenment. You are here on earth for a very important reason. It comes down to something rather simple. I am going to tell it to you once and I want this to stand out.

The purpose of life is for you to learn
to make decisions based on Love rather than fear.

“The world is full of souls who still do the right things for the wrong reasons. They often perform loving acts out of fear of what might happen if they did not.

Love is what you are.

“When you learn to make true decisions out of Love, you will have accomplished the point of life. You must choose to think Love, decide Love, and be Love…

Love is what you are.

“This is being true to Self. You were created by God as a veritable spark of the Divine. You all have a noble and a Divine heritage. As God’s Children, you were created of the same substance of God Himself -- and that is Love. When your spiritual path takes you to the point where you work through all the layers of fear down to the essence of your heart and soul... what you will find there is Love.

“Love is what you are. So think Love. Act Love. Decide Love. And your life will change. You will Love totally in Grace. Your life will be dramatically different and you will experience great peace in your heart. It will be like Heaven on earth. And you will know not only happiness, but Joy itself, which is close to the emotion you experience when you are in the presence of, and close to God.

“My Son Jesus Christ sent me on a mission to you. In spite of all the advances there have been on earth – people helping people -- higher standards of living, improved communications -- He is asking again for a celestial speedup.

“By this He means that souls in the world are not making enough progress. The ego is usually going nowhere, fast. For all of the superfluous activity of life (and you human beings are a busy group!) you are not always getting closer to completion. At your current rate of advance you and your Children may be stuck here on earth for a long, long time.

“This means that my Children have to focus more consistently on why they are here…on what their lessons are in life.

“You have a lifetime here on earth. It is a very, very precious commodity. There are untold numbers of souls who would like to occupy your place on earth because you can make great progress on the earth plane. Your life here is a chance to live Love. To make decisions based on Love... that is the whole point of existence. Once you begin to focus on the heart of the matter you can make great progress.

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